11 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Documentary wedding photographyYou want your wedding day to be perfect. And you want the wedding photographs to be perfect too. Make sure you have the person perfect for the job with these 11 important questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if every time you looked back on your wedding pictures you thought, “could be better”? We think so!

Having a wedding photographer that you love and whose work you respect is essential. But how do you find the right one? It’s not luck.

You have to know what questions to ask your wedding photographer when you first meet. Here are our recommendations!

11 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

As you read through this list, you’ll likely find some questions you don’t care about. That’s okay, feel free to leave them off the list.

With others, you’ll find you’ve never thought about that or you already have a strong opinion. Be curious but trust your gut, here we go!

1. Are You Available?

The last thing you want when you’re planning your wedding is to fall in love with someone you can’t have. We’re talking about your wedding photographer, of course!

The first question to ask your wedding photographer should be their availability. Before you even look at their work or sit down with them, check if they have your wedding date open.

If they don’t and it’s a one-person studio, ask if they have anyone else they recommend.

2. Will YOU Be the Photographer?

If there are many events on the same day, bigger photography companies may send other employees than the person you met with. It’s a scheduling reality, but you have a right to know!

Ask if it’ll be them taking your pictures or if they’ll send a colleague. You have every right to ask to meet the colleague and go through the questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Along with this, ask them if they’ll be bringing an assistant. If their assistant is the opposite gender, do you feel comfortable with them doing the getting ready shots?

Ask yourself that question first, so you know the answer you want to hear.

3. Have You Ever Been to Our Venue?

Your venue has a lot of influence on your photographer. It could determine the type of lenses they bring, the shots they plan, or even if they’re willing to come (travel).

Ask them if they’ve been to your wedding site and your reception site before.

If they have, ask to see photos from those sessions. This will give you a good idea of what to expect on your big day.

If they haven’t, ask what their process for planning shots is. Will they go check out the venue before the wedding? Show up extra early the day of?

This seems picky, but this is the person in charge of your precious memories.

4. How Many Hours Are Included?

Once you’ve got a good feel for the style and personality of your wedding photographer, approach the more awkward questions.

It can feel impolite to address prices up front, but it’ll save you from any budget surprises.

5. Can We See Your Previous Work?

It’s normal to ask a photographer to see previous work, but you should take it a step further. When they show you specific shots, ask to see the entire gallery from that event.

Since they have to streamline their portfolio with the best shots and a large range, there aren’t many pictures from the same shoot. Asking to see an entire session will give you a good idea of their style.

6. Can We Request Specific Shots?

Every wedding is different and you should never feel like you’re copying someone else. If you see a shot in their portfolio you really like, ask them to recreate it for you.

While you’re looking through their work, keep some sticky notes on hand to show them shots you really love. This will show them what you value in your photos and they can better serve you.

7. How Do You Respect Our Privacy?

Though your photographer should ask before they submit your photos to social media or a magazine, oversights happen.

If you’re concerned about privacy, ask in advance that they not use your photos in their portfolio.

If you don’t want your faces shown but they got a good shot of your dress, would that be ok to show? Address what you’re comfortable with and it will be respected.

8. What Size Weddding Are You Used to?

If you have a big bridal party, your photographer’s job is harder. There are more faces to capture, more people to fit into a frame and lots of angles to consider.

Ask them what the average wedding size they work is, regarding bridal party and guests. If you have many people, what’s their plan to get everyone in one picture?

9. Do You Know Our Planner?

A photographer is part of your wedding team, which is how you should consider your vendors. Each one works together to keep you and your guests happy.

It’s not a dealbreaker if they haven’t worked with your planner before, but it could help decide if you were stuck between two candidates.

Plus, if they know your event planner, caterer, DJ they may have inside insights you don’t know. Listen to them! In every complaint or exaggeration, there’s a bit of truth.

10. What’s Your Opinion on Guest Photos?

Since the rise of digital cameras and camera phones, there’s been a big divide in wedding photography industry. Some photographers feel like you won’t buy their shots if your friends take pictures for free. Others don’t mind other people having their own memories to take with them.

Decide on your personal opinion before you approaching this question to ask your wedding photographer.

Don’t know how you feel? You can strike a nice balance of no phones at the ceremony or photobooth, but let people snap pics during the reception.

11. What’s Your Day-of Style?

If you want close up shots, your photographer to capture you walking down the aisle or wiping a tear from your eye during vows – they’re going to get close.

It may feel strange to have a photographer squatting down to get the best shot while you walk down the aisle. However, this will assure the memories are as realistic as possible.

That’s not what everyone wants though, and that’s okay. If you want your ceremony to feel more intimate, look for a photographer that tries to blend into the festivities.

Most photographers will do both, but it’s good to figure out which they prefer, and which you do!

Go With Your Gut

Even if you know all the right questions to ask your wedding photographer, their answers don’t matter if the fit doesn’t feel right.

It’s okay to be picky, these are photos you’ll have for your entire life. Working with people you like is important and will keep your mood stable on the big day.

Give me a call or an email to figure out if my style is the right fit for you. I look forward to hearing from you.