Meet Digger! I had a secret mission to photograph Digger whilst his mum & dad were at work as it was a surprise Christmas present from a friend. Digger was a star and seemed to love the camera. I shall be seeing Digger again in September as he is a very special guest at his mum & dads wedding, which I am photographing.

Digger13- Digger13--7 Digger13--8 Digger13--9 Digger13--10 Digger13-7491 Digger13-7507 Digger13-7520 Digger13-7535 Digger13-7545 Digger13-7547 Digger13-7549 Digger13-7554  Digger13-7603 Digger13-7619 Digger13-7653 Digger13-7662 Digger13-7672